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Carolyn Blunt, Director of Learning Solutions at Ember

“Let’s not neglect the humans”

This presentation outlines the three ‘C’s that human talent needs to develop in order to differentiate from the bots and make your service conversations stand out.

  • Steps to avoid overloading learners with too much content
  • Spaced Learning – Tips on condensing learning content into bite sized blocks
  • How to create competition in real tine
  • How to modernise the data gathering and make best use of technology
  • Steps to personalise learner journeys with targeted follow ups

Anthony Stears, Managing Director at The Telephone Assassin Ltd

“The Future of the phone”

One of the UK’s thought leader for Call Centres and Customer Service, Anthony (Author of The Telephone Assassin) will share how the telephone will underpin the success of businesses in the future.

  • Why old fashioned “sales tactics” don’t work anymore
  • Telephone tactics of the future
  • How to structure your calls
  • KPI’s that really count

Andrew Hall, Director, Strategy and Innovation at Odigo

“Becoming Millennial – Exceeding the Customer Experience
Expectations Across All Generations”

Customer experience is the battleground as organisations seek the rapid scaling required to dominate a sector. As a result, the bar is being continuously raised and CX innovation is determining success.

  • For long-standing businesses, the fast-moving change and seemingly constant disruption can be viewed as a threat or an opportunity
  • Discover how to view this as an opportunity

Craig Goldblatt, Leadership Speaker, Coach, Philanthropist

“Leading with Passion”

Craig believes that the development of our culture in business is key and that when we ensure our personal beliefs and values are strong, we see immense business growth.

  • Business Growth
  • Cultivating Inner Strength
  • Developing personal purpose, intention, values & beliefs
  • Intellectual wellbeing
  • Leadership Growth

Philip Cripps Chief Executive at Thameside International

“How to manage challenging employees”

The session “MANAGING CHALLENGING EMPLOYEES” will focus on

  • What does the term “CHALLENGING” embrace?
  • What effects does the challenging employee have on you?
  • What are some of the most common causes of employees demonstrating challenging behaviour?
  • What are PRACTICAL, PROVEN and POWERFUL ways to manage challenging employees?