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Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Fusion Contact Centre – Ultimate Unified Desktop

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Fusion’s agent-inspired unified desktop blends inbound & outbound contact over any channel, and finally at an affordable price.

Introducing Fusion “Contact Centre” 

Fusion Contact Centre is built by agents for agents, which is why it is so easy to use allowing your agents to provide an outstanding customer experience to your clients.

Fusion Contact Centre unifies all communication channels, such as voice, e-mail, sms, social media and webchat, along with CRM and other databases into a single user interface for your agents.

The Customer Perspective

Let’s face it, when a customer wants to get in touch with your business, they don’t think about what “channel” of contact they’re going to use. 

As 85% of the UK population either own, or have access to, a smart phone todays customer has the freedom to select whichever method of contact is convenient for them. “Switching channels” for the consumer from a call to SMS to email to live chat is a breeze. 

The smartphone has brought multiple channels of communication together into a single device, and UK contact centres are struggling to catch up. 

On top of this, a recent study conducted by Microsoft found that 37% of UK residents ranked “having to repeat or provide information multiple times”as the most frustrating aspect of a poor customer experience. 

The Contact Centre Perspective

As businesses we like to keep things separate, because it makes logical sense doesn’t it? We need to report upon KPI’s, monitor contact levels and forecast for scheduling.

Also, contact centres have been bolting on software to help communicate over multiple channels, without doing so with a view to the entire customer journey. 

And beyond different communication channels, did you know that in a typical contact centre 15% of an agents time is spent looking for information across disparate systems?

The need to toggle between multiple programs puts the agent at a disadvantage when trying to answer customer queries in a timely and efficient manner.

Fusion Contact Centre – Unified Agent Desktop

Fusion Contact Centre is built by agents for agents, which is why it is so easy to use allowing your agents to provide an outstanding customer experience to your clients.

Fusion Contact Centre unifies all communication channels, such as voice, e-mail, sms, social media and webchat, along with CRM and other databases into a single user interface for your agents.

Our Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) turns multi-channel interactions into seamless conversations, and your agents are presented with a full history of contact as well as access to other internal company data from the same UI, speeding up AHT, reducing error and improving your customers experience … all from a system designed by agents for agents. 

Phone: 03333 660 560




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Fusion’s simple phone payment technology captures the small and medium contact centre market.

The Threat

Contact Centres taking telephone payments are under threat as Card Not Present (CNP) transactions become the main target for card criminals, as recognised in the latest PCI Security Standards Council guidance released in November last year.

Introduction of the GDPR alongside the Data Protection Act 2018 means that the protection of your customers payment data may not be a mandatory requirement, but a legal requirement instead, which could leave a Company’s Director having personal liability.

Companies small and large, question how they secure payment card data and comply with the PCI Data Security Standard considering;

  • In 2018, every day UK businesses suffered on average 633 attempts to breach their network. [The Times]
  • 42% of UK businesses suffered a breach in the past 12 months. [Source: UK government]
  • 70% of organisations believe their security risk increased significantly last year. [Ponemon Institute]


Key solution providers have focussed on larger contact centres, but Fusion Telecom has broken ranks and has targeted small to medium contact centres, typically having 5 to 500 seats.

Creating a product of such simplicity that agents don’t even need training to take a card payment, and rather than relying on the fear of non-compliance they have built in an added-value feature set, such as call dispositioning, recurring payments, refund administration and call transfer.

Easy Adoption

Removing the barriers to entry, Fusion’s approach provides several options to adopt its award-winning payments technology, so you don’t have to replace your Payment Service Provider or Telephone System.

For small companies that want one provider responsible for multiple solutions, Fusion can supply the whole stack, from telephony, unified desktop, compliant payments, payment gateway and even merchant acquiring services.

Managing Director, Adam Norsworthy, was asked why Fusion has focussed on simplicity and smaller contact centres.

“We see a significant opportunity helping smaller companies be compliant, as they are targeted increasingly every year by criminals, and they often lack the dedicated resource contact centres with 500+ agents have to be secure”.

“Smaller companies can offer a more personalised service, but they are subject to the same laws and standards as their larger counter-parts, and to compete should have access to the same technology at an affordable price.”

Click here to get in touch with Adam and Fusion to take a look under the cover of their new payment technology.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Advanced solution for outbound communication

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Manual dialling, reaching engaged tones and answering machines, incorrect dialled numbers, waiting for customers to pick up – is an inefficient use of your agents’ time.

The Enghouse Outbound Predictive Dialler is an outbound calling system that empowers agents through automated technology, which can quickly and easily detect busy signals, answer machines and disconnected numbers.

This easy-to-use tool combines market-leading predictive dialling capabilities with the latest generation of answer machine detection to help you:

  • Maximise agent productivity – automate dialling, boost agent talk time
  • Increase your profitability – set up new campaigns quickly and easily
  • Be 100% compliant – conform to all UK regulations, including Ofcom
  • Evaluate performance – by agent or across an entire campaign

For more information, click here.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Jabra Engage 50 – Engineered to be the world’s best professional digital corded headset*

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The intelligent headset for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Digital sound for the clearest calls

A unique, 3-microphone system with intelligent noise-cancellation filters out background noiseand breathing sounds, giving callers a superior experience.Stereosound and super wideband give vibrant, lifelike conversations – with the highest levels of hearing protection for agents.

Reduce interruptions and enhance agents’ focus

Multi-colour status lights on both earcups ensure interruptions are kept to a minimum. More than just a busylight, the status lights can be customised1for specific needs. Impressive passive noise-cancellation enhances agents’ focus and concentration.

Live guidance for agents and rich call analytics improve customer experience

The Engage 50 leverages Jabra software2for a smarter way to overcome noise. With live on-screen microphone guidance for agents and rich call analyticsfor the business, the Engage 50 helps deliver better-sounding calls.

Better call control for greater efficiency

The call control unit accessory enables agents to adjust volume levels and mute, speed dial, answer and end calls, as well as update their status lights, at the touch of a button.The control unit is easy to use and designed to stay in place.

Designed for softphone environments

Built for today – ready for tomorrow. Features category-first USB-C for easy connection to PC and mobile devices and with USB-A connectivity available as an accessory.

* See facts on

  1. via Jabra SDK
  2. via Jabra Xpress, Jabra Direct and Jabra SDK


INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Jabra Engage Series – Boost customer satisfaction with the world’s most powerful professional wireless headsets

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Designed for people who talk and listen for a living and in a range of wearing styles that deliver all-day comfort, Jabra introduce the next generation of professional wireless headsets. Giving you more power for your conversations…

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Storacall Star Advanced Replay – A new search and replay module for the ST range of call recorders

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Storacall Voice Systems has just launched the new Storacall-STAR advanced search and replay module, which can be supplied with new systems or added to existing Storacall-ST software applications, offering a completely new look and feel along with many new features.

At the forefront of Storacall-STAR is increased security functionality such as HTTPS and SSL audio playback and enhanced search options such as clever number search to assist with GDPR and MiFID II compliance regulations.

The STAR Module features an Intuitive user interface with support for multiple European languages along with quick links to get calls from time and day ranges, i.e. Yesterday between 3 and 5 or calls from last week, last month etc.  In addition searching for calls is now even easier with the new clever “number” search function along with previous search results and played calls being remembered automatically for re-use as required.

The application also includes advanced Rules based Password complexity with an expiry option for enhanced security together with multiple browser support including Microsoft Edge and the Safari browser. The playback uses the HTML5 standard employed by browsers and the audio is delivered in MP3 format.All search results including bespoke call notes can be exported to Excel.

ST call recording solutions can be provided as software only, virtualised or on-premise.  Storacall-ST supports all telephony types from IP to analogue along with the added ability to import recordings from cloud based telephony thus reducing ongoing storage costs for clients

For  an information pack on The new Storacall-STAR search and replay module and ST call recorders please contact Storacall on 01932 710710 or email:

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Storacall Advanced Replay

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Storacall Advanced Replayis a new search and replay module for the ST range of call recording systems.

Searching for calls has a new clever “number” search function which allows you to enter the phone number or numbers you are looking for to automatically search for both inbound and outbound calls which contain the numbers you want.

There are now quick links to enable you to search calls from time and date ranges, i.e. Yesterday between 3 and 5, last week, last month etc.

Every search you make is automatically remembered by the system so it can be retrieved and reused, likewise it remembers calls you have already played.

With increased security functions such as HTTPS and SSL playback along with enhanced search options such as clever number search this module can assist you with your GDPR and MiFID II compliance regulations.

Features at a glance:

  • Intuitive user interface with support for multiple European languages
  • Quick links to get calls from time ranges and day ranges, i.e. Yesterday between 3 and 5.
  • Searching for calls has a clever “number” search.
  • Every search and calls played you make is automatically remembered by the system so it can be retrievedand reused.
  • Passwords can now be complex.
  • The web pages are now HTTPS and the audio is SSL.
  • Support multiple browsers including Microsoft Edge and the Safari browser.
  • The playback uses the HTML5 standard employed by browsers and the audio is delivered in MP3.

To discuss a possible application call us on 01932 710710 or for a brochure on Storacall Advanced Replay solution click here.

You can also view our product demonstration videos by clicking here.

Twitter @Storacall

LinkedIn Storacall Voice Systems

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Capgemini Odigo – Delivering seamless customer engagements

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We live in a world of innovation and a wealth of insights about our customers, the holy grail for many companies is to deliver frictionless engagements for customers but, this is proving to be an elusive end goal for many.

With the realities of web, mobile, social media and the Internet of Things (IoT), companies are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of contact points customers now wish to use. Depending on the emotional position and goal, they may use different channels to do different things and may need to move between channels in a frictionless manner to complete a single engagement.

Meanwhile, cost reduction, flexibility, time to market and efficiency have become companies’ main concerns in maintaining competitiveness. So how do we balance the equation?

Odigo omni-channel engagement hub

Odigo is a cloud native SaaS platform, designed to enable organisations to achieve an omni-channel, frictionless engagement with their clients. The solution works across inbound and outbound voice and digital channels, seamlessly integrating a customers’ journey with significant flexibility.

In essence, you create an architecture of engagement that is able to accommodate the most arduous of client interactions.

Odigo allows you, to not only design journeys to match and exceed the best brands in the market, but to also drive agent empowerment through a single UX, that integrates all the information required to resolve enquiries, carrying context across channels and offering AI and NLP technologies to enhance decisioning.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Vidicode UK Call Recording for GDPR, MiFIDII & PCI Compliance

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As so many companies are aware the old Data Protection Act will be replaced on 25th May 2018 with new Europe wide regulation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

There are 6 lawful bases to process and retain customer data which includes call recordings, cited by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and companies will have to decide and justify which of these bases they use. These include Consent, Legitimate Interest, Contract, Legal Obligation, Vital Interests and Public Task.

Everton Stuart of Vidicode UK and VoiceCrunch said: “Along with the recent MiFIDII regulations in the finance industry and PCI DSS for credit card security, GDPR represents a challenge for existing call recording system owners due to the right to be forgotten, refusal of consent, right to portability and the customer’s right to see their data/calls.”

These ‘rights’ make it essential to find all recordings within one month for GDPR compliance. Many current recording systems will only search by time, date, via Incoming CLI (Calling Line Identity) and possibly by some form of call marking.

The Apresa Call Recording system from Vidicode UK has a well- established pedigree offering, call marking and screen recording as standard which is ideal for rapid find and retrieval of calls under the GDPR right to be forgotten.

The Apresa System also has a stop recording feature if the customer decides at the point of contact or during a call that their legitimate interest is being overridden by the call being recorded. An example of this might be where a call is being recorded for training purposes which benefits the company and not the customer at that moment in time. The Apresa will also stop any future recordings of that customer.

Whilst there are many clear benefits in choosing the Apresa to assist with GDPR compliance all is not lost for owners of legacy call recording systems as Vidicode UK offers phrase and word matching through sister company VoiceCrunch. VoiceCrunch is a voice analytics platform that finds recorded calls identified by using words and phrases as chosen by the user.

The Apresa solution is scalable to any size of organisation for trunk or extension recording of N3, SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and Audio (e.g. radio) communication and available on premise, hosted, virtualised or OEM.


INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Aegis Customer Experience Management

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Aegis is one of the leading global business services providers of customer experience management.

For 30 years, we have been the go-to experience creator for global giants across multiple industry verticals.

Aegis has a presence in 9 countries with operations being supported from 46 delivery locations managing over one billion moments-of-truth being supported by over 40,000 employees globally in 36 languages. We believe there is a real opportunity for UK clients to benefit financially from offshore servicing particularly South Africa for voice and India for back office activity without any degradation in service quality, compliance or customer experience.

Aegis’ services primarily cover:

  • Customer Lifecycle Management: Covering the complete lifecycle of customer interactions and engagement associated with a brand from the point of sale (telemarketing, lead generation, etc.) through to order processing, customer service, technical support and customer retention and loyalty management. We support our customers through multiple channels including voice, email, chat, etc. through both on shore and off shore servicing.
  • Back Office Services: Covering operations support activities managed as part of non-customer facing activities including transaction processing, document management and processing, finance and accounting back office, HR back office, and spend management and general procurement back office.

Aegis’ operates in the telecommunications, banking, financial services and insurance, technology, retail, travel & hospitality, manufacturing & automotive sectors worldwide and counts world leading brands among its clients.

Visit or contact Will McAllister on 077899 65424 or Paul Stephen on 07769 297696.