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Puzzel improves position as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

Puzzel has been positioned by Gartner as a Challenger in the Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, Western Europe report, for the fourth consecutive year.

The firm’s omni-channel, cloud-based contact centre solution is designed to support smaller enterprises with contact centre operations as well as global corporations with thousands of agents.

In 2017 the company re-branded to Puzzel raising its awareness amongst contact centre professionals and expanded its operations in Finland and Bulgaria, both supporting factors in strengthening its position as a key contender in the contact centre software as a service market.

“We are encouraged by our improved position as a Challenger and feel we are getting closer to the Leader’s quadrant each year,” said Børge Astrup, Chief Executive Officer of Puzzel. “We believe this reflects our growth and is recognition of our continued efforts to improve the product year-on-year. The flexibility and efficiency of the cloud business model allows Puzzel to be commercially competitive and innovative while offering strong functional capabilities to our customers regardless of their size.”

Thomas Rødseth, Chief Technology Officer of Puzzel, added: “In a changing world channels such as webchat and social media are gaining momentum. As a company we are dedicated to solving customer interactions whatever the channel. It is especially rewarding to see this being recognized this year as our reference customers were all multi-channel deployments. Also, we are committed to self-service and organisations are benefitting from our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Customers see the value of being empowered by visual design tools to manage their omni-channel customer experience.”

Astrup, concluded: “Puzzel’s strength lies in the solution’s functionality, particularly in meeting required standards and compliance regulations. Our support operations combined with our understanding of customers’ business needs and the ability to demonstrate how Puzzel delivers value, have fuelled the growth in our customer base and we believe this in turn has strengthened our position in the Magic Quadrant of Contact Center as a Service, Western Europe.”


IFS-mplsystems named a Visionary in the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

IFS-mplsystems has been named by Gartner as a Visionary in its October 2017 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), Western Europe, for the third consecutive year.

This recognition follows the inclusion in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center (CEC) in May, which makes IFS-mplsystems one of only two vendors to appear in both these Magic Quadrants, which the company believes  illustrates its ability to deliver effective omni-channel service through it’s unique combination of CCaaS, CRM Customer Service and AI enabled automation.

“Making complex customer service simple has been central to our customer proposition, and we are delighted that Gartner has yet again recognized us as a Visionary,” said Paul White, Director of Customer Engagement, at IFS-mplsystems. “From our unique Omni-Channel grouping functions, to embedding AI and automation within our agent applications, we have led innovation in the contact centre market over the past three years, and we are honoured that Gartner has recognized us once again. Our configurability and ease of integration of the solution, as well as the high level of support offered is confirmed by our clients through their loyalty and satisfaction levels. We look forward to continuing our positive influence on the global contact centre market through the IFS family, which gives us immediate access to a worldwide sales, delivery and support network.”

The report recognizes that the market is maturing and this is reflected within the market overview section, which discusses how the drive to develop the contact center into the ‘customer experience center’ is adding new dynamics to the CCaaS market.

Companies are revising their evaluations and selections of vendors to provide nonvoice channels (email, web chat, video chat, social and so on) to their customer service environments. During the past 5 to 10 years, many have looked to either their CRM vendors or best-of-breed specialists to provide these customer interaction channels.

“However, voice-based interactions continue to make up a significant portion of interactions in contact centers,” said White. “As such, as companies look to evolve their customer support to become more customer-centric across all interaction channels, some are recognizing the benefits of acquiring both their voice and nonvoice channels as a package from a single vendor — and very few CRM vendors support phone-based assisted customer service. Benefits include the use of a consistent business rule management capability for routing, queuing and escalating interactions across channels; this enables the company to prioritize handling of the best customers, regardless of customers’ chosen channels. Obtaining all interaction applications from a single vendor also makes it easier for companies to manage reporting and staffing across channels, rather than having to integrate operational performance data across separate systems.

“Customer interaction desktops are a CEC-related subject that has attracted a notable increase in client inquiries. A ’single view of the customer‘ through multiple digital channels is something that most organizations recognize would improve the customer experience. However, with multiple touchpoints for customer contact across disparate application platforms, it is difficult to achieve without significant development effort by the customer service organization.”

IFS-mplsystems’ vision is to ‘make complex customer service simple’, which is achieved through their unique combination of Omni-Channel communications, CRM Customer Service and AI enabled automation providing service and support staff with pioneering intelligent desktop applications. Bringing together calls, email, chat, mobile and social messaging with contextual customer data in a single unified CRM Agent Desktop, these applications gudie agents through complex processes and  transactions.

The data mash-up concept takes data from multiple sources across an enterprise and intelligently adapts to present agents with the precise data they require to resolve a customer request, rather than forcing them to search multiple tabs and menus. Alongside this, simple to configure workflow delivers automated processing and prompts. The impact is a dramatic improvement in agent efficiency combined with transformed customer experience because agents can deliver rapid, informed omni-channel service.




MPL Systems in Gartner’s May 2017 Magic Quadrant

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mplsystems, a leading provider of contact centre and field service technologies, has announced its inclusion in Gartner’s May 2017 “Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Centre (CEC)” for the third consecutive year.

This follows their inclusion as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service, making them one of only two vendors to appear in both Magic Quadrants.

This unique combination of contact handling plus Customer Service CRM in a single intelligent Agent desktop means you can slash the times agent spend dealing with requests whilst delivering clients a seamless Omni-Channel service.

Interactive Intelligence voted as ‘Leader’ in Magic Quadrant…

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Interactive Intelligence, a global provider of cloud services for customer engagement and communications, has been positioned as a ‘Leader’ in the annual ‘Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide’.

Elected as a ‘Leader’ for an eight consecutive year, the company has proved its status in the report, which focuses on the abilities of suppliers in the industry, and the analysis throughout is based on the opinions of Gartner’s research organisation. Founder and CEO of Interactive Intelligence, Dr Donald Brown, said in a statement: “We believe this long-standing position reflects our progress toward our mission of becoming the world leader in the customer engagement market. With a 15 percent increase in revenues last year, a record number of new customers this past quarter, and traction of our latest cloud contact center service exceeding even our own high expectations, we’re excited to continue accelerating the reinvention of the customer experience.”

Download the full report here